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Should You Combine Inventory Management With Social Media?

The business model has changed so much that we find ourselves asking more questions. Furthermore, traditional methods of managing business operations and networking with buyers doesn’t work with today’s consumer. Wholesalers in the b2b industry are a younger generation who have witnessed the success of Amazon, Apple, and Facebook. These tech-savvy b2b companies have their own idea of what makes a successful business. The past decades have shown the evolution of the e-commerce experience. They embrace new technologies and expect the platforms they use to be just as advanced. 

As a result, the online tools you use to run your business will affect your productivity greatly. Your products are directly affected by the systems that run your business. It is important to find a platform that specifically addresses the needs of the modern b2b business. First you must understand what is important for these businesses to grow. Then you must address the challenges in the industry and what the solutions might be. In order for a wholesaler to increase the business network of buyers and sellers, there must be an efficient strategy in place. This strategy includes the right tools for these new approaches. 

Challenges Wholesalers Face

Undeniably, wholesalers in the b2b industry face a number of challenges. One of the main problems of the b2b market is networking. Networking among manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and distributors has always been a tough aspect of running this type of business. The main method of networking that most b2b companies use often is attending and exhibiting at trade shows. Oftentimes this type of networking costs thousands of dollars and doesn’t lead to sales or meaningful connections. 

If the whole goal of attending a trade show is to make connections, then what is the point of wasting this money? Along with these expenses, businesses will spend money on other wasteful marketing costs. Printing product catalogs takes a lot of planning and money to achieve also. Printing other marketing materials is very expensive and not worth the volume of results. Digital methods of marketing your business are much more cost-efficient. Uploading your products online is free and much easier to manage and update. 

The Benefits of Combining Inventory Management With Social Media

Are there any benefits of combining systems to create a single solution? The combination of business tools is one of the fastest ways to see results online. When you create an online presence you have to consider each aspect of your business that is challenging you and consider how this tool or website will help. Businesses tend to lean toward an e-commerce platform as a business solution for these problems. Oftentimes, an e-commerce platform is not enough to solve customer demands. So what can you do instead?

Without a doubt, customer demand increases with the improvement of technology. It is much easier to buy products now, so if you’re selling products online they should be easy to access. A great way to keep up with customer demand and make sure you understand customer needs is to find an all-in-one solution. A platform that combines inventory management and social media will help you connect with consumers and manage your operations. This ensures that everyone is on the same page. If communication improves throughout a business, then fewer mistakes will occur, especially during the purchasing process. 

As fewer mistakes happen, you will make stronger business connections. Improving these business relationships will help to make your reputation stronger too. One of the largest benefits you can get from a combination of these tools is a stronger online presence. An online presence is the most important way for a business to grow using the business model of today.  

SeeBiz Platform For Wholesalers

An example of a platform that has the ability to do all of these things is SeeBiz. SeeBiz is a social networking platform that is specifically designed for the b2b industry. It is customizable for wholesalers, manufacturers, retailers, and distributors. This platform is designed to replace trade shows, printing product catalogs, and other unnecessary marketing expenses. By using this optimized platform, you are giving yourself an advantage over other businesses in your industry. You are also contributing to a better customer experience.  

The features included on this platform are; an order management system, specialized invoicing, purchase orders, communication tools, a newsfeed for updates, an online catalog management system, a contact management system, and most importantly an inventory management system. All of these tools provide solutions for different challenges wholesalers face on a daily basis.

Overall, these business tools will keep you informed about industry trends, customer interactions, and product demand. SeeBiz also helps you manage and control your inventory of products from your stockroom to the customer’s hands. You can track exactly where your products are and learn more about your customers needs. This contributes to the best customer experience possible. 

Learn more about the SeeBiz platform on https://www.seebiz.com/

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