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How to Showcase Your Products on SeeBiz

A steady flow of products from your inventory to a vast network of business contacts will mean success and growth for your business. SeeBiz provides the perfect solution to showcase your products before your customers. Our platform provides you with that winning edge to create a sales funnel and bring in the revenue.

Product Posts

A key feature of showcasing products from your inventory is through product posts on the SeeBiz platform. Product posts will include photos, product descriptions, and appropriate links to lead your connections to make buying decisions. These product posts from your inventory are a great way to keep your items visible to your prospective clients on a consistent basis. It is important to showcase your products most effectively for the best presentation that will move your customers to a buying decision.

Effectively sharing products from your inventory will keep your connections notified of what you are manufacturing, selling, and distributing through the SeeBiz platform. This unique feature will allow you to add new products to the inventory you already have uploaded. You may also select products from your existing inventory to share with your connections. You have the flexibility to customize the privacy, price, or quantity of any product with just a click of the mouse. This is beneficial as you categorize products for presentation to any particular group or audience you want to show.

Presenting Product Images

More than ever before, we are a visual society. This is becoming the global trend with the flexibility and vast availability of the internet. Capitalize on this trend by providing a clear, accurate presentation of your products through a photograph. Make sure your product images are a clear representation and provide a proper display of your product.

A clear image gives you the compelling edge your business needs to showcase your products with ease. If the images provide the various views and angles of the products, your customers will be more apt to make an appropriate buying decision. There is an image limit of five images for each post. But that should be sufficient to provide all the appropriate angles and views necessary for you to present your products. You can simply drag and drop your images to the appropriate location of your page.

Create a Link

SeeBiz provides a convenient place for sharing links for further information. You never want to leave your customers hanging without all the appropriate information they need to make a buying decision. As soon as they go through your product post, they should have access to clear images and complete information as well.

Make sure to conceptualize all the possible doubts and questions your customers may have regarding your products. Learn to think from the perspective of your buyers and begin providing information from that perspective. Your links will need to provide the answers that your customers are looking for. If you leave them hanging with questions in their mind but no satisfactory answers, you may lose them quickly. Stay sharp on the game by providing all the information they need and by answering their potential questions.

Price it Right

Group pricing and tier pricing are two convenient ways to take your product presentation to the next level. You can present products grouped according to certain categories you have set. These categories may depend on your customers, their location, their industry, or even their interests. As you connect with the customers, group them according to the products that are most appropriate for them. Remember, you are not “blasting” them with your entire range of products. You are serving your customers as long term relationships of trust are being built.

Tier pricing puts appropriate levels of pricing according to the area, quantity, and other criteria you set for your customers according to their needs. This is another aspect of your long term relationship with them. When you think of yourself as a B2B resource to your customers, you are on the way to long term sales rather than the concept of making a quick buck.

Showcase Your Products With New Announcements

As soon as new products are available in your inventory, you want to pass this information on to your customers. The best way to do this is through an announcement featuring your new product. Of course, along with the title, the most visible aspect of your announcement will be the product image. You can follow your announcement with the product description and the links to help them make that final buying decision. This will showcase your products effectively.

Make It Part of Your Ongoing Relationship

Don’t forget that you are building a lasting relationship with your contacts and customers. Showcasing your products must not be seen as a one time sales pitch or a huge media blitz. In this age, people are averse to such impersonal presentations. Rather, make your product presentation as part of your ongoing quest to serve your customers better as you are getting better at understanding their needs.

Rather than a quick sale and revenue, you are looking for a lasting B2B relationship that is mutually beneficial. SeeBiz provides the platform that is most apt for this. It conveniently integrates social media, email, and messaging features with your product presentation as well. This effective ongoing relationship is mutually beneficial. You are on the way to greater success with your business by using SeeBiz.

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