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Taking Over the Business World With Content Strategy in 2020

What is Ephemeral Content? It stays for a short time but leaves a long-lasting impact. We are sure that you might have guessed it by now. Ephemeral content stays for only 24 hours and is on the rise to becoming the top marketing trends for companies and brands all over the world. A powerful trend is the biggest change that we will take with us in the year 2020. Want to scale up your business with content marketing, then hold onto ephemeral content because it is going to grab lots of customers for you.

Get to Know the Real Ephemeral Content

We understand that things pile up and we go off trek, therefore we have to tell all of our valuable visitors about what ephemeral content is and how to use it for your benefit?

Ephemeral means the short-lived content, as it was just a day. It was invented by Snapchat because the stories and content automatically disappear and the user cannot see it. But, you can analyze the engagement and how many users reached out to you after viewing the story. For example, if you look at an Instagram story about a limited sales stock. It is stirring the FOMO effect. It intrigues the consumers to purchase the products and services and creates more engagement due to the fear of missing out.

Ephemeral Content is becoming more popular with each passing day among social media users. People using these social media apps are also rapidly growing.

Why is Ephemeral Content Becoming Popular among Marketers?

 Social media trends keep on changing and adapting but the ephemeral content trend is said to be one of the biggest trends that are rising on social media. It is an interesting and attention-grabbing way to interact with the target audience and consumers. If you are doing right, you can target any niche with the right approach. Ephemeral Content Marketing is the way to keep up with the competitive environment. It automatically disappears whether it’s a photo or video but you can gain beneficial insights from it that will serve as a pathway to adopt next strategy keeping in view the pros and cons.

Almost all the social media networks are providing you with the opportunity to update your stories to target a specific segment in the audience. The disappearing content is basically sparking user’s interest and bringing more consumers on your social media platform. For now, following social media apps are using this feature of disappearing stories such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp.

The reason that short-lived content marketing is on the rise because it is using a tactic for all social media users including FOMO. It sparks curiosity and urges consumers to buy by creating a sense of urgency. The content creation stimulates interest and they can create awareness about brand, products and services within a short span of time. It is the kind of content that is Short and effective.

Marketing Emotional Tools: FOMO and YOLO

FOMO and YOLO are considered to be effective motivational factors to trigger certain emotions in the human mind.  Flashing sales banners and stories about ending sales encourages action by asking people to participate. These emotional tactics might feel fleeting at the moment but many brands conduct contests to increase user engagement. Flashing banners and stories about sales, limited time offers and customized products to urge action from the consumer side. If you are going live, using IGTV and posting stories then you can easily bring consumers on your website to keep a check. It’s a forced tactic to bring customers on the website and online store.

YOLO gives a high to all the consumers out there because they want to enjoy the moment and make the most of it. It also triggers an emotion that they have to get everything best and most stories are candid, relevant and unapologetically frank. Which means that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on shiny and so-called “advertisements,” when you can excite your target audience with a temporary content piece. You can excite your consumers just by creating a short video of your store opening or maybe behind the scenes of shifting products. If the content is authentic then the users will be automatically drawn to your work.

Keep it in your mind that the consumers are already involved in research and they are more updated, so they will know if you try to mimic or copy another party. Try to come up with something original and authentic as per the industry’s ongoing trends. Make it something more unique that isn’t available anywhere else and there is something in it for them. You can trace your user’s footsteps and target them on the social network, which is widely used by your target audience. It also allows you to use a variety of platforms in order to create personalized stories and content. You can even run personalized ads and posts images to increase engagement with CTA.

How to Build an Effective Ephemeral Strategy?

How to Build an Effective Ephemeral Strategy

We are sure that by now, you are googling ephemeral in the other tab. But don’t go anywhere, we have more surprises for you. We can tell you how to run an effective ephemeral strategy for your business with just one cell phone.

1. Select a Platform

Yes, we understand that ephemeral content is only applicable to some specific social media platforms. You can post stories on the social media with an attached link of your website and it will automatically take your targeted consumer to your website. You have to create your followers on all social media apps whether its Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram or Snapchat.

And even if you post it on social, you need to have pre-existing, sizable followership for it to be effective. You can also utilize different platforms and collaborate with influencers to implement your strategy for the ephemeral content. It is very interesting to note that ephemeral marketing and influencer marketing is becoming increasingly popular at the same time. You can also create an affiliation with an organization or brand to collaborate with you or help you create the buzz by sharing your ephemeral content.

2. Choose the Type of Content

Platform choice should also sync with the kind of content that you are putting up on your social media. It means that you should also see the trends and whatever is popular on that particular social media app, you have to speak the native voice. The approach should be taken from the perspective of your potential buyer, and let them see whatever they want to see!

For example, when it comes to the B2B community. It is understood that you have to put out the kind of content which reflects loyalty, trust, effectiveness, security and credibility. But it should also showcase the image of your company as a brand. Although the reason that we are stressing so much on authenticity is that your content, images, videos and stories should be funny, shareable and appealing. You can only go big with a BANG if you are delivering more than what you promise and giving something extraordinary to WATCH!

3. Examine Engaging and Active Timing

You have to monitor the timing and then post the stories based on timing, when your targeted audience or users are active. You have to carefully select the timing when you can create hype about brand, products and services. It includes trending timing when you can create engagement.

That’s not a Wrap

When used correctly, ephemeral content can boost brand awareness and create instant engagement with customers. There is nothing set in stone, so you don’t have to get it right. You can keep experimenting with the content. Create funny, engaging, informative and unique content to woo your target audience.

It’s not an Option, You got to do it!

Why you should be adopting Ephemeral Content Marketing? It brings the better version of your brand and you can make ads on your own. You can promote a brand through short and quick Instagram stories. You can increase the percentage of click, engagement and number of visitors on your website. We are enlisting a few reasons that will convince you to adapt this interesting side of the content.

Stay Updated with Social Media Trends

Marketers believe in tracing content and then launching the content in a systematic manner, the content that comes to stay. So how is going to be effective to use 24 hours of life span content to boost sales? Social media users spend most of their time online, so they can consume this “short-lived content” and it’s easy to remember.

Cut Costs and Save Thousands of Dollars

You can create ads on your own without spending thousands of dollars on advertising campaigns. Use diverse social media platforms and social media networks such as Snapchat, Instagram and Whatsapp. You can personalize the stories and content to show it to your desired segment in the market. They can communicate with you and you can address their queries through these stories and live streaming sessions.

Be consistent with your story posting and stay up to date with the latest trends on each social media platform. It will provide you with leverage to format your future stories and increase popularity. It was noted that 96% of the marketers in the US are planning to work on creating more story-based ads.

Embracing the Authenticity

It’s no surprise that 86% of users always show more response for authenticity because they are tired of watching over the top and made up ads during daily life. Ephemeral content lets you embrace authenticity and here is how we do it:

Stories are genuine, spontaneous and do not last for long. You can target your niche and spread the message. You can show the “Human Side” of your company by featuring your behind the scenes team, talk to the owner and share their ideas through IGTV or live and create. This way the customers can learn about the founder and the company to create a deep affiliation. Companies are using this kind of stories to demonstrate the creation of different products and publish relevant content.

There is another tactic to re-share and publish your customer’s content and appreciate their efforts. You can attain customer’ attention by using customer-generated content. It also concludes testimonials, reviews. Value your customers by using these tactics and answering their queries. This way, you are not clogging your consumer’s news feed.

You can get paid endorsements from influencers but you can ask your customer to share your content especially your stories. This type of authentic content keeps your audience hooked and they wait for something “More.”

 Drive Maximum Website Traffic

 Drive Maximum Website Traffic

How great is to use your Instagram followership to increase website traffic and drive more profit? The goal ephemeral content marketing is to achieve your set goals. Create it more relevant and authentic by using filters, emojis and hashtags. You are reaching out to a wider audience without investing heavy amounts for advertisements. You can make one hashtag and adapt a marketing tactic to make it viral. It will help you discover more audience and let them discover your company. You can add links in your stories to drive more traffic to the website. Attract a large audience and customer base by spending less time and less effort.

The Disappearing End

Social media networks are a great way to create a secure and engaging space for business networking. That’s why now there is a trend for the integration of social media networks with eCommerce sites. Which means that multichannel and Omnichannel platforms for different B2B and B2C businesses. You have to engage your customers for a lifespan with your short-lived content. Social Media platforms are not used for interaction but marketing and you have to smartly use this for your advantage. You are basically encouraging the impulse of buying with sort lived and sensational ads.

Ephemeral Content Marketing is a huge trend with so much potential and companies are gaining its benefits. So make it your go-to Strategy. If you are running an online B2B company or want to launch at an online platform. SeeBiz is a multi-vendor business networking platform. Where you can manage, run and promote your business at the same time.

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