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The Marketing Strategy That Will Boost Your Business

SeeBiz gives your marketing strategy the boost it needs for your business to flourish and expand. Our newly launched social networking platform for businesses works with you in every aspect of the daily challenges you face. Without a doubt, SeeBiz will help you to be more successful in your digital marketing approach.

You have a daunting task before you as you juggle your time and efforts to meet the demands of consumers. These tasks are becoming more complicated as you struggle to keep up with your growing list of contacts and entire product lines. Operational efficiency is the key to see your business grow. SeeBiz is everything you need in a business solution.

Operational efficiency is the key
to see your business grow.

Your Marketing Strategy Needs Productive Connections

As the world’s first interactive social networking platform for businesses, SeeBiz will allow your marketing strategy the benefit of connecting with many establishments just like your own. With our innovative platform, you also have the option of finding businesses that can use the products and services you provide. By using the SeeBiz network, you can enjoy the benefits of an ever-growing list of contacts. After-all, success in business is really about who you know. These contacts are , without a doubt, productive and worthwhile business to business connections. 

Traditionally, your marketing strategy included having to walk the streets and connect with business contacts directly. Walking in congested cities, driving, or flying across the country creates a hectic and unorganized working schedule. This isn’t conducive to solving the challenges in our modern business age. Modern marketing strategies are found in the internet. The benefit of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media networks have become outdated. These social media networks often prove to be so crowded with unfruitful connections. Consequently, they rarely become leads who convert to sales.

With SeeBiz, you have access to a vast network of connections that you can certainly benefit from. 

Grouped Contacts

As a business leader, you will benefit from the flexibility of contact grouping within the SeeBiz platform. You’ll be able to build various preferred lists according to the categories you set for the needs of your business. You can easily drag and drop contacts into various lists according to location, type of business, and other factors. This type of grouping enables you to engage them according to their needs, promotions available, and seasonal variations. 

Your most effective marketing strategy has to be more than just salespeople looking out for the next sale. Rather, your success lies in being genuinely interested in your clients and actively seeking to meet their needs. You have the option to present customized products and pricing for each client or certain categories of clients. With just one click, you also have the ease of sending emails to the group of your choosing. You can also customize these emails according to the situation and the promotions that are in place at that time.

SeeBiz Product Catalog 

As you constantly work with a vast inventory of products that need to be presented to customers, SeeBiz provides the platform with the “Catalog” section of your profile. With a dedicated area to display your products, your business profile will easily lead your contacts where you want them to go. Retailers and distributors will be able to access this platform and get the details they need regarding your products, leading them to an informed buying decision. 

You will also have the benefit of group pricing as you present your products to retailers and vendors. As you group your contacts into convenient lists, you’ll be able to set group specific pricing for each group of contacts. This is a huge benefit to your operational efficiency. This allows you to better serve your clients with appropriate pricing lists according to each individual situation. 

Tier pricing enables you to give different levels of pricing according to various tiers that you set for their purchase. This allows you to give deals and discounts according to the quantity and other factors that may be the most significant for the businesses you are dealing with. With just one click you can select from a set of various tiers you have put in place. Thus, you avoid the tedious work of recalculating for each client according to their particular order and situation. 

A New Marketing Strategy: Dump the Trade Shows

Trade shows are often an unwanted obligation of attendance, but for the expense and effort, the results are minimal. For many, this marketing strategy leaves you tired and worn out with very little to show for all the effort and money spent. But with SeeBiz, you have the ease of developing the relationships you would otherwise gain directly on this platform. As businesses and contacts are added, the power of the SeeBiz platform exponentially increases and allows for further connections that convert to actual sales. 

This works more effectively than any trade show attempting to showcase products to a limited number of companies that are in attendance. On the SeeBiz platform, all your products are showcased conveniently. You can also price your products according to the needs of diverse businesses and retailers. This proves to be a truly productive business to business experience for everyone involved. 

Above all, it is time to rethink your efforts and expenses when attending trade shows. Walking the streets and traveling cross country and across the globe is just no longer a feasible option for successful businesses.

A Marketing Approach That Works

It’s time to rethink all of the effort, time and expenses you’ve put into the task of internet marketing as well. Between Twitter ads, Facebook ads, and all of the countless hours of searching through LinkedIn profiles, the loss of time and money is too great to be a logical marketing approach anymore. These endless pursuits, that show meagre results, can be replaced with a single more productive platform.

Your solution is SeeBiz. It is time to take your efforts to the next level and achieve the real results your business needs.

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