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What Can a Modern B2B Marketing Platform Do For Wholesalers?

Wholesalers are experiencing a change in networking and marketing for their businesses. This change is happening so rapidly, because b2b customer expectations are changing. Wholesalers provide the products that power retailers. This makes the opinions of the customer very powerful. Customer opinion shapes how products are developed and how businesses are run nowadays. And the marketing platform is reflecting this change.

The modern b2b buyer has access to a wealth of information online. The development of e-commerce platforms has led to a better and quicker buying experience. In order to maintain your relationship with that buyer you need to find the platform that will accommodate this seamless exchange. 

B2b marketing is a brand-new domain that keeps evolving. Don’t get stuck in the past. Stay updated about b2b trends and the newest technologies for wholesale marketing. There are many platforms available to assist wholesalers with their b2b marketing strategy. Each modern platform is equipped with different features that can benefit businesses in the b2b marketplace.  Here are the details about the features and benefits a modern b2b marketing platform can give you today. 

Modify To Personal Expectations

One of the most basic functions of a wholesale platform is customization. You should be able to add your logo, fonts, colors, and branding. This flexibility not only makes using the platform easier for your customer, but makes it easier for you to use. Being able to customize your business representation allows you to show how you are different from your competitors. You can easily build a community around your brand. 

Your story is important and you should be able to share it with your customers. Developing brand awareness starts with the story you create for your business. This is different from your personal story. But the main ideas should include a personal touch. Customers will know if you are being phony. People are more inclined to interact with a business that shares a more human story. Remember why you got into your business and share it with your audience. You’ll be surprised by how much more user engagement you receive.   

Responsibility For Privacy

B2b business transactions are more nuanced than standard b2c purchases. The way you display your product information is important for making a sale and building customer relationships. This is the main reason why the b2b platform you choose should provide flexible privacy features.

You may want to hide the pricing for specific products. If you’re dealing with a specific type of customer, you may want to withhold bulk pricing. Sometimes this sensitive information should only be available for a selected group of buyers. How you choose to display your product data is up to your discretion. The platform you upload your products on must allow for the customization of this information. You want to be able to change this information as your products evolve.

Desktop-to-Mobile Experience 

Any online platform now should provide an omni-channel user experience. This experience is more convenient for your buyers. Having a platform that is easy to access from a mobile device or desktop computer is an essential feature for a modern b2b platform. Nearly every American has a smartphone or access to a digital device. B2b purchases are likely going to be made on a variety of devices, not just a desktop computer. This is a factor that you need to consider when implementing your e-commerce strategy.  

Your product catalog may be displayed differently depending on the device’s capabilities. If products are not shown clearly, then customers will be less likely to make a purchase. Whereas, if your products appear seamlessly with a flexible design, buyers can interact with them on any device. Make your product catalog interactive and attractive to your audience and they will more likely buy from you. Keep your purchasing experience simple and easy-to-use. Customers will keep coming back if they can find the products they want, select the right quantity, and checkout seamlessly. 

Integration With Business Tools

The modern platform for b2b marketing should ideally integrate with or provide your business with a CRM, IMS, shipping management, payment handling, and marketing. Customer records should be kept and recorded in the system as well. This data should automatically be stored for company records and future orders. 

Wholesale business is very complex. Business transactions require many moving parts. As a result, integration is a necessary feature for an e-commerce platform. You may have parts of your inventory that require certain apps or certain platforms to manage sensitive data. The modern e-commerce platform you use should help your operations run smoother. 

The ability to integrate with other systems you have in place is extremely useful. In addition, this compatibility will greatly help with your transition to more advanced tools. E-commerce is all about adapting to changes. Therefore, integration is one of the major ways your business can adapt.

B2B Purchases Are Easily Accessible 

Buyers in the b2b industry have come to expect a shopping experience that is similar to their personal shopping experiences. Popular e-commerce sites have made personal shopping so easy and fast. This digital accommodation is creating a new standard of shopping. Businesses are adapting quickly to these higher expectations.

Bulk pricing options should be available for the appropriate types of wholesalers to view. This makes finding the correct quantity much easier. Specific pricing options are also better for the customer to budget for the products they need more efficiently. 

Customers should also have access to an advanced search option for these products. Having a search option helps to increase sales. If a customer searches for a specific item, they may also find another product that interests them. Your online product catalog is there to showcase what your business has to offer. Providing a way for customers to search for more products improves convenience.  

If the platform has an e-commerce element that allows for the purchasing of products, then additional security needs to be in place. The system should have a credit authentication during the checkout process to ensure secure payment transactions are being made. Extra security makes your customer feel like they are in good hands. Privacy and security will only add to the trust they have in your business. 

An Optimized Buying Experience

B2b customers are more educated than ever before. They have access to more information online and are tech savvy.  It’s worth it to look for a platform for your wholesale business that meets their needs. Use a wholesale platform that fits into the requirements for the modern shopping experience.  

This is one of the most important aspects of a modern b2b e-commerce platform. The experience your buyer’s have while making a purchase directly influences their opinion of your business. If the checkout process is lengthy and frustrating, then these customers are more likely to give up and look elsewhere for the products they need. 

After-all, the main purpose of having a modern site for your wholesale business is to increase sales. With technology constantly advancing, it is better to invest in a marketing platform that can adapt to future changes as well. This flexibility will not only help you run your business smarter, but alleviate a lot of problems in the future too. 

Categorizing Customers

Handling b2c transactions is a much easier job than handling b2b sales. One major feature a b2b platform needs to have is the option for grouping customers into categories. There may be different promotions, pricing, shipping options, and products available depending on the type of business you run. 

Ideally you should be able to organize your customers down to the smallest detail of your interactions with them. Some factors that may affect customer grouping are; ordering frequency, ordering quantity, types of products ordered or are interested in, and where their business is located. Customization is the key when creating designated segments.

Your platform can utilize filtering methods to ensure each customer is exposed to the appropriate content and purchasing experience. This personalized shopping experience is essential in creating long-lasting business connections in the wholesale industry. Already having a record of what a customer has purchased will make them want to reorder. They are more likely to buy from you again, because the process is easier.  

Selected Quantity For Orders

Establish a minimum order quantity for each product you sell. Though this is not a mandatory feature, it is a convenient feature to have. A minimum order quantity can help you to find out which customers are seeking a specific product quantity. A flexible b2b platform should allow you to implement this requirement. 

On modern b2b e-commerce sites this is a common feature for wholesalers. If your customer is attempting to make a purchase and they cannot reach the minimum requirement, then the sale cannot be completed. Selected quantities also can include if you sell certain products in packs or in cases. A wholesale order form can address this specific demand and should be included in your platform. 

The Effects on Your Business

A modern b2b platform not only affects your customer’s experience, but also has an effect on your business. The business tools you use can either help your operations or make it more difficult to run your business. Whether the platform you choose can be used by your team depends on the experience level of your employees. Some e-commerce sites require more technical knowledge of coding. Other platforms require minimal technical effort and are very easy to use. 

Depending on your reasons for choosing an e-commerce site you should be able to find a platform that fits your needs. Sometimes the best choice for your business is the one that functions the best for you. You will find that there is a platform available for each business and the knowledge level of your team. 

Keep Your Goals In Mind

Why are you looking to use a b2b platform? Do you want to strengthen your existing customer relationships? Do you want to increase sales? Determine what your main goals are for your business. Keeping these goals in mind will allow you to find the best platform to use as your business grows. 

Fully customizing a b2b marketing platform requires a lot of dedication and time. You also have to consider the amount of time your employees will spend managing your e-commerce site. You don’t want to use a complicated and frustrating platform. The goal here is to eliminate obstacles and improve business operations. If the platform is easy to customize on the back-end, then it will be more profitable for your business in the long-run. 

What Does a Modern B2B Platform Look Like?

SeeBiz is an example of a modern day b2b marketing platform for wholesalers. This platform can be fully customized to include your product catalog and branding. It is a b2b networking platform with an integrated inventory management system. This combination of business tools allows you to control and manage your inventory more accurately on one platform. 

At the same time, you can stay connected to your business contacts and inform them of any changes in your inventory. If you just received a new shipment of a product, you can let your contacts know on the same platform, while sharing product details. This all-in-one solution is essential for wholesalers wanting to succeed in the b2b industry. 

Integration of business processes with an inventory management system, specifically for keeping track of inventory and orders, eliminates a variety of everyday obstacles. Your business operations will improve across the board. Communication is something that will drastically improve when you manage your products and orders smarter. 

You can easily customize the features on this platform to improve how fast your business grows. Run and manage your marketing campaigns based on industry trends all on the same platform. SeeBiz is fully tailored for your b2b marketing platform needs. It includes an inventory management system, an online product catalog, a customer relationship management system, and a social networking platform. As far as modern platforms go, SeeBiz is the most flexible platform for wholesalers in the b2b industry. 

To learn more about SeeBiz visit: https://www.seebiz.com/

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