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What Difference Can An Online B2B Platform Make For Your Business?

With speedy changeovers, the trend in the USA business industry is varying. People are no more following traditional b2b selling models for the long-term success of their businesses. Now every seller looks for a dais that delivers a comprehensive range of benefits. A single platform where they can sell a wide range of products and services, using the least resources.

A recent b2b e-commerce survey predicted that it will reach $1.2 trillion and account for 13.1% of all B2B sales in the U.S. by 2021.

Considering this proportion, we can now consider an online e-commerce platform as a solution. A shift to a modern platform with automated features will grow revenue and drive new customer acquisitions for a longer period of time. This is the best practice.

Increase Your Reach

Increased Your Reach

As the world of business is changing, so are the buyers. A study indicated that now 73% of Millennials are the new online buyers. It’s no surprise that online b2b sites have started to look more like social networking sites for businesses. They give the perfect opportunity to increase and serve potential consumers as they connect a wide network of manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and distributors around the globe. It lowers the hassle which a buyer has to go through meeting with potential customers at tiresome trade shows. It also offers your business the opportunity to be in multiple places at once.

Eliminate Human Error and Manage Suppliers More Efficiently

Managing and controlling inventory becomes hard, especially when you are not connected by electronic means. Through automation and workflows, you can save the additional costs spent on the labor used to take care of spreadsheets, fax order forms, phone calls, and control what your current inventory levels are. You can also know when you are going to need to order more stock to keep your business going. It helps you avoid the nightmare of heavy cash flows. Automation also helps you track the growth of your business through insights with one single click.

Sell Direct With Public-Facing Catalog

You no more have to market your catalog through traditional b2b selling models. SeeBiz has an inbuilt tailor-made solution to help market part of your catalog directly to consumers. With the advanced operational efficiencies and easier processes, you can streamline your online store your way. You no longer have to wait for trade shows to happen across the border or spend extra overheads to attract consumers for any seasonal products. You can display relevant and specific products based on your interests, divide it into different groups, and showcase it directly to your audience.

Build One Single Source of Information

If you want to put yourself ahead of your competitor you must be willing to choose to make your customer handy as a part of your long-term strategy to growth and success. This opportunity helps you modify your customers according to your business requirements.

You can now capture every piece of information and identify high quality leads without the fear of losing a great deal, which you got from an exhausting trade show once. Take advantage of readymade business solutions. These solutions grant insights into the data that matter to your sales and marketing operations.

Personalized Customer Experience

B2b online sites were first started as simple portals, but now they are a way to replace customer service reps with technology to keep up the business worth. They provide a true omnichannel experience for their buyers. As they are made to help attract new buyers, comparison, and increase conversions.

They also give b2b sellers the opportunity to personalize consumers directly and easily from anywhere. You don’t have to wait for time-consuming direct mails or cover long routes anymore. You have the facility of breaking the traditional communication barrier and connect your contacts quickly under one virtual room.

Faster Order Fulfillment With a Cloud-Based System 

To make your customers keep coming back requires the fulfillment of promises. With an online b2b e-commerce platform, sellers have the opportunity to automate order fulfillment along with handling complex processes like partial delivery and multi-warehouse shipping. Despite the heavy investment of exhibiting your catalog at tradeshows, results aren’t guaranteed.

If orders undergo unwanted delays they will leave the buyer with an erroneous opinion of your business. With the in-built e-commerce cloud-based system now you can deliver faster and more accurately. You can also be more transparent to your consumer and grow twice the size of your traditional selling.

Boost Brand Awareness and Make Your Customers Come Back

Boost Brand Awareness and Make your Customers Come Back

Not every customer has the same buying capacity. To make sure that your customer keeps coming back for more you should cater to their interests. Visiting a trade show doesn’t promise to convert customer leads into prospects until you provide them the choices according to their buying capacity. With online customization strategies, now you can capture the consumer’s attention. Divide your customers into tier grouping or select different pricing strategies to boost sales and attract new leads.

Stay Open 24/7/365

A trade show is worthless where the attendee involved doesn’t get to see your whole product line again. On the other hand, the b2b e-commerce platform benefits buyers from the facility to run their online store 24/7/365 all the time. This helps increase their sales by boosting a number of orders. Hence, the purchaser isn’t time bound and can purchase as many products as they want, any hour, with one single click.

What To Do Next 

Setting up a stand at a trade fair does not in any way guarantee increased sales, the establishment of network contacts, or improved brand awareness. It doesn’t guarantee anything, except the fact that you spend money and waste a lot of your productive hours, work, and preparation for nothing. E-commerce is becoming an integral part of the b2b industry. If you want to get ahead of the curve you should take advantage of this opportunity now.

Choose a B2B E-Commerce Platform

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