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Which is Better: Print or Digital Catalogs?

Printed or digital catalogs? The product catalog is essential to b2b business now. They are as significant and operational now as they have ever been. It is essential to provide the concrete experience that connects the consumer to the brand. When building a brand impact, its real value lies in how the catalog plays into the brand’s showcase.

The product catalog is the real driver of any business that helps to motivate clients in reaching a purchase decision. It provides a unique value throughout the buying journey as they enable brands to build deeper connections with their potential consumers. To sum up, the catalog helps consumers deal with the brand differently as it speaks for the brand.

But if we look into needs, businesses have now turned away from printed catalogs and transferred all their material to the internet. Let’s discuss the factors that have led businesses to go digital in order to make a better decision.

Why Businesses are Replacing Printed Catalogs

Printed or Digital Catalogs

Nothing New to Show

When thinking to go for the old-style means in order to showcase products, printed catalogs are left with limited options. They are just huge colored banners hanged at the front of the brand name at trade shows. Once they are printed, nothing new can be added to them. Their target is specific and doesn’t contain a space to offer more, which allows the client to get attracted only to what’s printed. Their aim is only seasonal focused and they tend to opt into what every other business is opting for.

Excess Use of Resources

The traditional and older methods of showcasing the product catalog at fairs costs a lot. They also affect the environment badly and demand extra overheads. In such cases, the information is misprinted or becomes outdated with time. A salesman, when traveling, has to carry a pile of material which is only effective for a limited period of time and doesn’t guarantee good results.


Printed catalogs demand a lot of struggle and time. When working with large catalogs businesses look for an attractive slice of information to grab the customer’s attention that can waste a lot of time because, in the end, all businesses are looking to each other as an example. This troubles both the business and the salesperson and doesn’t guarantee good results.

Limited Accessibility

Printed catalogs are limited to a specific number of people. Only certain people can view it. Along with it, they carry so much in them that sometimes it doesn’t go with the need for the event and becomes irrelevant for the crowd. It usually annoys the client and makes them go back home without making a single purchase.

Difficult to Make an Addition

When a product catalog requires an update it is either not possible or difficult to make until the next edition. Whenever a new addition or a discount is added into the printed catalog, it is hard to add, so as they never reflect in the already printed product list. For this, they require an additional catalog to attract new leads for the business. For the printed catalog, any single addition is never easy.

Digital Catalogs as a Worthy Substitute

Digital Catalogs as a Worthy Substitute

Always Keep Businesses Updated

The question of which is better printed or digital catalogs, provides a clear answer. Specifically, the digital catalog is custom-made and can be modified anytime by looking into the needs of the customer, season, or occasion. Even if you want to showcase any item for a specific period of time. They cross the barriers and never let businesses go out-of-date.

Cut-Costs and Reduce Efforts

Digital catalogs are the saviors. With digital catalogs products never go out of trend. Modify products at any time. This depends on the need of the business, and can save additional overheads that can be used for other business-related activities. In addition, decorate the product display anytime and on any occasion with just a single click.

24/7 Availability Saves Time

Online catalogs make products and services available to clients without increasing printing and distribution costs. This 24/7 availability saves ample amounts of time. They don’t demand extra time for printing over and again. However, its inbuilt features allow us to modify the whole of our item list with just one single click.

Easy Accessibility

Another key point, is that digital catalogs are accessible anyplace, anywhere. They provide an exceptional buying experience as they are easily discoverable. They don’t allow the consumers to have constant headaches by actively keeping themselves updated about the next display. Digital catalogs help consumers and business connections search anytime, what they need, no matter what hour it is.

Easy Updates

A digital catalogs inbuilt features help keep customers stay engaged. For example, they send constant feeds and updates regarding the items. Changes in an online catalog are always an easy job. Essentially, all you need to do is post a new update and share it among the desired consumers. This is done simply by updating the database entry and the new data is shared among your selected users.

What to Do Next

Evidently, many businesses are still using printed catalogs, but they will not be around anymore in the coming years. Now consumers and businesses are opting for the solution which is easy to adapt. That is why they are shifting to digital, in terms of distribution and transactions. In doing so they are also choosing the solutions that are adding ease to their buying process.

Overall, if you want to create a digital catalog that is worth working with, the SeeBiz b2b platform and digital catalog can help grow your business today. Keep your product catalog up-to-date. Give your business more benefits with a tailor-made experience for your customers. This experience will help your business sail toward providing a better customer journey and increase sales.

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