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Wholesalers and E-Commerce: The Need to Increase Online Visibility

Today’s modern wholesaler is facing a new landscape in the modern business world. It is a must, to embrace the online platform in order to increase online visibility in this industry. Having your business online is an absolutely essential part of a successful marketing strategy now. E-commerce sales are driven by this online presence. More e-commerce sales are essentially what every business plans for. Establishing your brand through awareness is also important for consumer attention. Ultimately, you want as much consumer attention on your brand as possible.

Gain The Competitive Advantage

Wholesalers have an enormous amount of potential when it comes to establishing an e-commerce presence online. It is an extremely competitive market for wholesalers. Not only do the larger companies have an opportunity to connect with customers, but smaller companies have the same opportunity as well. An online presence is something any business can obtain, no matter the size.

In order to remain in the lead amongst the competition, wholesalers must be just as visible as we have come to expect retailers to be. The modern customer is smarter and is online using social media and the internet daily. There is a greater chance to connect with these customers simply by using the same platforms your target audience uses. The online presence of your business needs to be able to integrate with social media and other channels that are visible to your public. There are numerous reasons why this is an added bonus to your wholesale business.

Meaningful Customer Interactions

Email marketing can only be successful to a point. A more consistently effective way of interacting with buyers is necessary. E-commerce allows your business to display your products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to anyone in the world online. This global presence opens up your business opportunities immensely. You’re always available to connect with your customers. This is the best way to build hype for new products and create visibility for your product catalog too. Being visible at all hours also increases your chances of more product orders.


Maintaining a presence online is paramount to interact with your potential clients. Many retailers and buyers have come to expect remote access to your entire product line and even mobile browsing capabilities. This gives you the winning edge when compared to your competition. Your brand visibility is, above all, the most important thing in this digital age. Adapting to this shifting landscape will only help your business as it grows. 

The user experience is extremely important and easy to accommodate with the tools available to us. It should ideally be seamless. Your customer should be able to research a product, read reviews, purchase it, and have it shipped to their address; all from the convenience of their mobile phone. Your target audience appreciates convenience above all else and it is very easy to provide with the technology we have access to.

Cost-Effective and Easy-to-Use

Pricing for physical showrooms is a challenge to consider too. It can also be very expensive. Furthermore, if you have an interactive experience online it will increase the value of your business. It will also showcase your products more clearly to buyers, without having to spend an exorbitant amount on a showroom. Having your products online also allows for more ways to do marketing for your business. You can promote products to a wider target audience, highlight featured products and sales, and increase the efficiency of operations, all at the same time.

B2b e-commerce has created an opportunity for smaller brands to reach the same target audience by having online visibility. Crafting quality products at scale is something wholesalers have mastered. Now wholesalers are required to master social media, emailing, and other forms of staying in contact with customers. With an online presence, you can have a meaningful connection with your customers, just as you would if you were a smaller business. These connections make all the difference when you’re trying to promote and expand your brand.

An Online Presence Is the New Foundation

Having an online presence is the foundation every wholesaler needs to have to be successful in this industry. Turning your business into an online enterprise is the best strategy you can make. Demonstrating the flexibility and ease of shopping this platform provides will make people want to continue to do business with your company. Above all, it’s extremely cost-effective to do business online. The return from your efforts is greater when you invest in digital marketing and e-commerce.

An Online Presence Is the New Foundation

The most evident truth is that brick-and-mortar sales are a thing of the past. With many popular retailers closing down their stores, more businesses are refocusing their strategies into the e-commerce realm. This movement more heavily towards an online path leads to the future of sales and business in general. The most beneficial efforts of business now are seen in making marketing and sales move towards mobile. Most consumers, that is more than half, use mobile e-commerce to make their purchases. If the overall goal is to increase profits, then this is where the focus needs to be. When taking a look at the most successful e-commerce businesses, you can see the advantages of adopting these online strategies.

Operations Run Smoother

Operational efficiency is a huge benefit too. Having your business online simplifies how you run your day to day activities. This also helps you to manage your inventory more thoroughly. Data is continually updated and there are fewer miscommunication mistakes when you use a centralized online system.

Wholesalers with large warehouses can find a huge advantage by switching their inventory online. It may seem like a headache for large and traditional wholesale companies to go through and add their products online. On the other hand, the benefits of online far outweighing the initial transition work. It means more customer interaction and fewer problems for the future of your business.

There is nothing but good things that come from adapting to the e-commerce platform. The more wholesalers learn the advantages of digitalization, the more they can see how adopting this trend is beneficial for everyone. Trading online is, simply put, more effective. You can connect in more ways with the consumer. These are opportunities wholesalers cannot afford to miss out on as the future of e-commerce unfolds.

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